Governance, Ethics and Compliance

Francesco Calcagni (left), regional account manager in Italy, confers with Professor Gianluigi Melotti of Sant Agostino-Estense Hospital about Baxter's biosurgery products. Maintaining high ethical standards in customer interactions is among the topics covered in Baxter's Code of Conduct.

As a global healthcare company operating in more than 100 countries, Baxter is committed to effective corporate governance, adherence to the law, and a culture of ethics and compliance throughout the organization.

In 1995, Baxter became one of the first companies to adopt formal corporate governance guidelines. These address the operation of Baxter’s Board of Directors and board committees, which in turn govern the management of the company and represent shareholder interests. At Baxter, re-examining the company’s practices and setting new standards is ongoing. Today's corporate governance guidelines reflect this evolution.

Baxter’s Ethics and Compliance team works closely with operating and legal teams based regionally in Baxter's businesses to ensure that the company’s activities adhere to applicable laws and to company policies. The organization offers numerous channels to educate and counsel employees as well as confidential avenues to report alleged violations of law and policy. It investigates these items promptly and reports to senior management as appropriate.

This section covers the following topics:

Employee Perspective

Business ethics was one of the major reasons why I decided to join Baxter more than 10 years ago.

Alexander, Business Unit Director, Greece