From the Chairman and CEO

Robert L. Parkinson, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Stakeholders,

Baxter’s vitality as a healthcare enterprise, and our ability to deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders, depends on our embrace of the new. This includes not only the scientific innovations that define our service to patients and healthcare providers; it also encompasses new ways of doing business that advance our goals as a publicly traded company and global corporate citizen.

In March 2014 we announced our intention to launch the BioScience portion of our business as a fully independent company. Charting a new course as two separate entities will place both organizations in an even stronger position to expand global patient access to current therapies, introduce new products addressing unmet needs and concentrate on other key priorities and objectives.

I am confident that each company will build on our legacy of sustainable development grounded in responsible business practices to create lasting social, environmental and economic value. In fact, this year marks the 15th annual edition of Baxter’s sustainability report; and as you will see here, our commitment remains unwavering as we strive to benefit our broad stakeholder base.

In 2013 Baxter decreased greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and water use. We increased patient access to market leading therapies in developing countries. We ensured our products are first on the scene in disaster-stricken communities. We helped advance STEM education to cultivate the future of scientific innovation. Yet for every milestone achieved, there are more opportunities to make a difference for the communities we serve.

Our executive Sustainability Steering Committee is now assessing our strategy in light of our changing corporate structure and stakeholder expectations, and we are updating our goals to reflect our aspirations.

As always, the needs of our stakeholders inspire us to ever greater levels of accomplishment. Every day our employees worldwide are focused on new opportunities to integrate our sustainability principles across our strategies and operations – and I urge them to maintain the pace. Together we will continue making an impact for generations to come in pursuit of our mission to save and sustain lives.

Robert L. Parkinson, Jr.
June 2014